02绘本表达课资料 [1.82G]

课程资料 [1.20G]

book1 joseph had a little overcoat [90.90M]

词汇拓展 [3.90M]

flashcards [3.25M]

people [307.48K]

occupations.jpg [74.65K]

occupations-2.jpg [71.65K]

occupations3.jpg [82.14K]

occupations4.jpg [79.04K]

places [64.68K]

.ds_store [6.00K]

building.jpg [58.67K]

things [2.87M]

clothes-shop-word-cards.pdf [2.87M]

.ds_store [8.00K]

posters [672.05K]

people [349.88K]

.ds_store [6.00K]

family members.jpg [84.93K]

occupation1.jpg [85.58K]

occupation2.jpg [87.75K]

occupation3.jpg [85.62K]

places [85.23K]

.ds_store [6.00K]

buildings.jpg [79.23K]

things [230.93K]

.ds_store [6.00K]

man‘s style.jpg [98.58K]

shoes.jpg [126.35K]

.ds_store [6.00K]

电子文档 [25.67M]

joseph_had_a_little_overcoat.pdf [25.67M]

任务清单 [450.05K]

screen shot 2017-02-27 at 9.35.57 am.png [268.51K]

weekly to-do list .pdf [181.54K]

视频资料 [40.66M]

act out joseph had a little overcoat.mp4 [14.95M]

cut and retell joseph had an overcoat.mp4 [13.71M]

joseph had a little overcoat song.mp4 [5.63M]

joseph had a little overcoat story.mp4 [6.38M]

音频资料 [17.41M]

day1.mp3 [4.09M]

day2.mp3 [6.23M]

joseph had a little overcoat song.mp3 [585.02K]

joseph had a little overcoat.mp3 [6.53M]

游戏闪卡 [2.82M]

i have who has游戏卡.pdf [2.82M]

book10 dear zoo [139.58M]

故事视频 [47.09M]

dear zoo - by rod campbell (© macmillan children's books).mp4 [8.25M]

dear zoo children's song (based on the book by rod campbell) _ kids nursery rhym.mp4 [7.63M]

dear zoo song (based on the book by rod campbell) by jk.mp4 [4.21M]

dear zoo story bag.mp4 [26.99M]

故事文档 [21.27M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

dear zoo.pdf [5.33M]

道具zoo.pdf [15.94M]

故事音频 [20.81M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

dear-zoo-1.mp3 [5.15M]

dear-zoo-2.mp3 [10.73M]

dear-zoo-3.mp3 [4.92M]

课程音频 [12.23M]

day1.mp3 [4.88M]

day2.mp3 [7.35M]

课程资料 [38.18M]

补充old hat new hat [13.75M]

old hat new hat.pdf [4.99M]

old hat, new hat - book for young children.mp4 [8.76M]

.ds_store [10.00K]

c21dfe4f3e6b033d0e7cc23c62227d61.jpg [42.94K]

t2-e-047-zoo-animals-adjectives-display-posters.pdf [5.10M]

t-t-1570a-dear-zoo-story-sequencing-colour-a4_ver_2.pdf [2.36M]

t-t-1576-dear-zoo-word-mat_ver_2.pdf [307.57K]

t-t-1577-dear-zoo-word-mat-images_ver_1.pdf [654.23K]

t-t-1584-dear-zoo-story-cut-outs_ver_1.pdf [2.44M]

t-t-2251-materials-texture-adjectives_ver_2.pdf [1.04M]

t-t-23747-dear-zoo-matching-activity_ver_1.pdf [1.25M]

t-t-24614-dear-zoo-story-stones-image-cut-outs_ver_2.pdf [810.01K]

t-t-2546760-dear-zoo-home-learning-challenges-reception-fs2_ver_2.pdf [190.08K]

t-t-2546814-zoo-themed-cut-outs.pdf [3.02M]

t-t-26384-alien-adjective-word-cards.pdf [528.04K]

t-t-26676-dear-zoo-size-ordering_ver_2.pdf [4.36M]

t-t-6730-dear-zoo-how-many-can-we-fit-in-the-box-game_ver_3.pdf [2.37M]

book11 i like books [109.65M]

故事视频 [23.24M]

i like books by anthony browne.mp4 [3.77M]

i like books song.mp4 [19.47M]

故事文档 [3.61M]

i_like_books_2.pdf [3.61M]

故事音频 [17.52M]

01.mp3 [2.38M]

02.mp3 [5.72M]

03.mp3 [5.26M]

04.mp3 [953.34K]

05.mp3 [3.23M]

课程音频 [9.44M]

day1.mp3 [5.06M]

day2.mp3 [4.38M]

课程资料 [55.84M]

book genres [31.15M]

different-reading-genres.pdf [28.95M]

genres.pdf [2.20M]

who where when [24.61M]

places.pdf [368.26K]

t-m-1924-when-to-wash-your-hands-poster_ver_1.pdf [1.20M]

t-s-614-who-where-when-silly-sentences.pdf [10.04M]

t-s-615-where-rooms-of-the-house-cut-and-stick-activity_ver_1.pdf [801.37K]

t-s-618-who-where-when-board-game.pdf [1.29M]

t-t-4298-home-word-cards.pdf [5.87M]

where-lotto-rooms-of-the-house_ver_1.pdf [5.06M]

封面元素.pdf [59.40K]

三角形爆炸盒子.pdf [13.43K]

book12 washing line [49.88M]

故事视频 [28.58M]

washing line by jez alborough.mp4 [28.58M]

故事文档 [2.39M]

washing line.pdf [2.39M]

故事音频 [2.50M]

washing line.mp3 [2.50M]

课程音频 [7.33M]

day 1.mp3 [3.24M]

day2.mp3 [4.09M]

课程资料 [9.08M]

question word posters [4.81M]

屏幕快照 2017-08-10 上午12.53.24.png [923.29K]

屏幕快照 2017-08-10 上午12.53.34.png [967.03K]

屏幕快照 2017-08-10 上午12.53.42.png [829.87K]

屏幕快照 2017-08-10 上午12.53.50.png [939.46K]

屏幕快照 2017-08-10 上午12.54.00.png [679.54K]

屏幕快照 2017-08-10 上午12.54.09.png [584.34K]

washing line word mat.pdf [961.95K]

whose-ears-game.pdf [3.30M]

礼物盒子模版.pdf [28.20K]

book2 the little red hen [111.75M]

单词闪卡 [12.29M]

cooking actions display posters.pdf [11.62M]

the-little-red-hen-story-stone.pdf [684.85K]

绘本歌曲 [18.76M]

little red hen song.mp3 [1.25M]

little red hen song.mp4 [11.28M]

this is the way.mp3 [590.74K]

this is the way.mp4 [5.65M]

绘本视频 [11.56M]

the little red hen.mp3 [1.88M]

the little red hen.mp4 [9.69M]

绘本图片 [59.24M]

图片 [26.79M]

0.png [9.11M]

1.jpg [751.51K]

10.jpg [1.04M]

11.jpg [798.92K]

12.jpg [1.67M]

13.jpg [827.03K]

14.jpg [767.89K]

15.jpg [1.14M]

16.jpg [1.48M]

2.jpg [1.05M]

3.jpg [952.16K]

4.jpg [1.11M]

5.jpg [806.10K]

6.jpg [1.11M]

7.jpg [1.70M]

8.jpg [1.77M]

9.jpg [834.65K]

the little red hen.pdf [32.46M]

课程音频 [9.53M]

day1.mp3 [3.90M]

day2.mp3 [5.63M]

任务清单 [376.76K]

weekly to-do list book2.png [376.76K]

book3 rosie‘s walk [68.60M]

补充词汇 [1.42M]

parts-of-a-house-word-mat-set_ver_1.pdf [1.42M]

单词闪卡 [14.96M]

positional-vocabulary-cards.pdf [1.66M]

rosies-walk-display-posters.pdf [2.12M]

rosies-walk-matching-cards-and-board.pdf [1.56M]

rosies-walk-preposition-display-posters.pdf [4.26M]

rosies-walk-prepositions-posters_ver_1.pdf [4.78M]

story vocabulary.pdf [603.53K]

故事视频 [11.98M]

rosie's walk.mp4 [11.98M]

故事文档 [16.89M]

rosie's walk双页版.pdf [16.89M]

故事音频 [7.97M]

echo chant.mp3 [992.48K]

kids song.mp3 [969.42K]

melody.mp3 [942.69K]

story reading1.mp3 [958.40K]

story reading2.mp3 [3.27M]

story song.mp3 [955.75K]

句型模版 [52.71K]

silly sentences的模版.png [52.71K]

课程音频 [12.12M]

day1.mp3 [6.43M]

day2.mp3 [5.65M]

rosie the hen.pdf [35.23K]

任务清单 [94.09K]

weekly to-do list book3.pdf [94.09K]

游戏卡片 [3.10M]

preposition bingo cards.pdf [3.10M]

book4 the napping house [57.63M]

词汇拓展 [12.78M]

图片 [4.70M]

01.png [406.35K]

02.png [528.29K]

03.png [436.92K]

04.png [476.44K]

05.png [439.21K]

06.png [387.64K]

07.png [399.10K]

08.png [349.62K]

09.png [460.81K]

10.png [567.58K]

11.png [365.52K]

slippery fish.mp3 [1.51M]

slippery fish.mp4 [6.56M]

故事视频 [13.51M]

napping house.mp4 [13.51M]

故事文档 [9.04M]

071.the napping house.pdf [9.04M]

故事音频 [14.34M]

echo chant.mp3 [2.44M]

kids song.mp3 [1.98M]

melody.mp3 [1.99M]

story reading1.mp3 [1.82M]

story reading2.mp3 [4.11M]

story song.mp3 [2.00M]

课程音频 [5.00M]

day1.mp3 [3.50M]

day2.mp3 [1.50M]

游戏卡片 [2.96M]

napping house相关词汇 [2.54M]

nappinghouse_bed.pdf [575.90K]

nappinghouse_biglittle.pdf [456.81K]

nappinghouse_sleeping.pdf [709.84K]

nappinghouse_vocab.pdf [856.63K]

house.jpg [91.60K]

napping(c)人物打印卡.pdf [138.63K]

setting-story-dice.jpg [204.08K]

book5 gorilla [81.96M]

故事视频 [39.87M]

anthony browne is reading his famous gorilla.mp4 [19.51M]

gorilla - anthony browne.mp4 [20.36M]

故事文档 [26.57M]

gorilla.pptx [26.57M]

故事音频 [1.97M]

gorilla.m4a [1.97M]

课程图片 [1.69M]

alejo.jpg [1.06M]

pi78y9brt.jpg [38.03K]

screen shot 2017-04-26 at 6.37.33 am.png [77.91K]

screen shot 2017-04-26 at 6.38.58 am.png [113.89K]

screen shot 2017-04-26 at 6.40.14 am.png [166.03K]

screen shot 2017-04-26 at 6.43.44 am.png [85.58K]

screen shot 2017-04-26 at 6.47.19 am.png [157.79K]

课程音频 [8.39M]

day1.mp3 [6.18M]

day2.mp3 [2.20M]

游戏卡片 [3.48M]

fortune teller.jpg [72.59K]

when-lotto-game-one.pdf [1.60M]

when-sorting-activity.pdf [1.80M]

book6 king bidgood's in the bathtub [114.87M]

补充文档 [1.37M]

king bidgood's in the bathtub.txt [1.50K]

kingbidgoodsinthebathtubwritingactivity.pdf [49.73K]

游戏卡.pdf [1.32M]

故事视频 [20.21M]

king bidgood in the bathtub play.mp4 [16.67M]

king bidgood in the bathtub sing.mp4 [3.54M]

故事文档 [78.06M]

king bidgoods in the bathtub.pdf [78.06M]

故事音频 [4.58M]

king bidgoods in the bathtub.mp3 [4.58M]

课程音频 [10.64M]

day1.mp3 [6.56M]

day2.mp3 [4.09M]

book7 there was an old lady who swallowed a fly [177.97M]

补充视频 [55.26M]

there was an old lady who swallowed a chick! by lucille colandro - books for kid.mp4 [12.93M]

there was an old lady who swallowed a clover! by lucille colandro - books for ki.mp4 [13.05M]

there was an old lady who swallowed some books.mp4 [12.60M]

there was an old lady who swallowed some leaves.mp4 [16.68M]

故事视频 [44.73M]

judy collins - old lady who swallowed a fly muppet show 1977.mp4 [7.80M]

old lady by simms taback.mp4 [5.44M]

old lady动画视频.mp4 [14.77M]

there was an old lady who swallowed a fly - nursery rhymes - learnenglish kids british council.mp4 [16.73M]

故事文档 [38.24M]

there was an old lady who swallow a fly-child's play.pdf [2.85M]

there+was+an+old+lady+who+swallowed+a+fly.pdf [35.39M]

故事音频 [7.90M]

there was an old woman who swallowed a fly-read.mp3 [2.82M]

there was an old woman who swallowed a fly-song.mp3 [2.34M]

there+was+an+old+lady+who+swallowed+a+fly.mp3 [2.74M]

课程音频 [11.69M]

day1.mp3 [9.19M]

day2.mp3 [2.50M]

其他资料 [20.15M]

swallowed(c).pdf [169.32K]

t-t-19581-there-was-an-old-lady-who-swallowed-a-fly-song-powerpoint.ppt [4.77M]

t-t-19584-there-was-an-old-lady-who-swallowed-a-fly-word-mat.pdf [443.56K]

t-t-19589-there-was-an-old-lady-who-swallowed-a-fly-stick-puppets.pdf [14.77M]

book8 click clack moo cows that type [70.19M]

故事视频 [35.60M]

click, clack, moo cows that type read aloud.mp4 [35.60M]

故事文档 [7.65M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

click clack moo cows that type.pdf [7.65M]

故事音频 [5.00M]

click clack moo cows that type.mp3 [5.00M]

课程音频 [13.77M]

day1.mp3 [10.69M]

day2.mp3 [3.09M]

资料模版 [8.17M]

涂色卡 [4.55M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

8tzy8natp.gif [68.90K]

acqbbrjgi.gif [327.03K]

etmaexkrc.gif [156.47K]

mclg5rd8i.gif [149.49K]

puppets.jpg [71.37K]

rcgyyrxai.gif [3.56M]

rigyerkdt.gif [127.32K]

ytkaed7lc.gif [107.72K]

.ds_store [6.00K]

键盘.pdf [232.02K]

排序.pdf [28.44K]

因果对应卡.pdf [3.14M]

因果关系导图.pdf [221.05K]

book9 handa's surprise [156.48M]

故事视频 [26.15M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

handa's surprise - picture book- animation.mp4 [6.81M]

handa's surprise表演和复述 .mp4 [19.34M]

故事文档 [41.89M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

handas surprise.pdf [41.88M]

故事音频 [19.14M]

track01.mp3 [882.37K]

track02.mp3 [1.94M]

track03.mp3 [5.44M]

track04.mp3 [3.57M]

track05.mp3 [3.47M]

track06.mp3 [1.92M]

track07.mp3 [1.93M]

课程音频 [23.18M]

day1.mp3 [9.14M]

day2.mp3 [14.04M]

课程资料 [46.11M]

bingo游戏 [5.89M]

bingo word list.pdf [612.43K]

boards.pdf [1.76M]

cards.pdf [1.79M]

colour counters.pdf [1.74M]

单词卡 [2.57M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

t-t-1281-african-surprise-word-mat-text_ver_1.pdf [1.84M]

t-t-27843-african-suprise-animal-flash-cards.pdf [743.83K]

故事结构 [22.30M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

复述结构.pdf [481.43K]

复述玩偶.pdf [1.28M]

故事排序.pdf [20.55M]

形容词 [15.34M]

.ds_store [6.00K]

animal-adjectives-word-cards.pdf [8.16M]

food-adjectives-word-cards-with-pictures.pdf [3.87M]

fruit-and-vegetable-descriptive-word-cards.pdf [3.30M]

.ds_store [8.00K]

emo0001.jpg [12.09K]

作业汇总 [631.39M]

book1 joseph had a little overcoat群内汇总 [180.43M]

家长课 [63.83M]

笔记 [8.65M]

amy笔记1.jpg [1.75M]

amy笔记2.jpg [1.77M]

amy笔记3.jpg [1.75M]

格妈笔记.jpg [2.42M]

龙虾妈妈2.jpg [193.32K]

龙虾麻麻1.jpg [134.61K]

龙虾麻麻3.jpg [174.32K]

吴静笔记.jpg [475.75K]

各位妈妈制作的资料 [15.62M]

danny麻麻提供模板.jpg [821.19K]

grammar+worksheet.pdf [3.36M]

i had a little overcoat歌词小卉整理.pdf [136.49K]

joseph had a little overcoat song (yiddish) - cd rip - simms taback.mp3 [4.28M]

shirley提供joseph.pdf [129.46K]

百度云盘资料汇总.docx [11.38K]

绘本thing person place卡片(双面打印)龙虾妈妈制作.pdf [345.72K]

绘本文字.docx [11.37K]

姗姗思维导图.png [6.55M]

知识梳理 [22.54M]

lapbooks知识.docx [14.92K]

背景知识小册子.doc [17.55M]

周周知识梳理.jpg [4.98M]

作品视频 [9.18M]

美拍视频链接.docx [11.63K]

摇铃铛手绘.mp4 [9.17M]

作品图片 [7.84M]

danny麻麻制作.jpg [99.33K]

背景知识小册子.jpg [117.41K]

龙虾妈分享主题书.jpg [2.43M]

龙虾妈资料.jpg [2.35M]

龙虾妈资料2.jpg [146.91K]

龙虾麻麻自制书.jpg [2.43M]

姗姗1.jpg [83.31K]

姗姗2.jpg [102.87K]

姗姗3.jpg [94.80K]

亲子课 [116.60M]

danny [22.56M]

danny.mp4 [11.41M]

danny2.mp4 [9.96M]

danny麻麻.jpg [115.72K]

danny麻麻lapbook.mp4 [1.07M]

jim [2.65M]

jim.jpg [2.15M]

jim思维导图.jpg [105.10K]

jim作业.jpg [406.32K]

lissa [639.12K]

lissa1.jpg [110.39K]

lissa2.jpg [111.13K]

lissa3.jpg [103.47K]

lissa4.jpg [78.61K]

lissa5.jpg [81.56K]

lissa6.jpg [69.07K]

lissa7.jpg [84.90K]

watering [7.66M]

watering.jpg [529.58K]

watering.mp4 [7.14M]

wendy [9.26M]

wendy.mp4 [9.19M]

wendy手绘.jpg [70.87K]

安琪儿 [844.84K]

安琪儿1.jpg [93.19K]

安琪儿2.jpg [381.91K]

安琪儿3.jpg [369.74K]

龙虾 [13.48M]

龙虾&麻麻.jpg [813.92K]

龙虾i have who have.mp4 [12.68M]

王娟 [153.66K]

王娟.jpg [74.66K]

王娟1.jpg [79.00K]

小小 [530.71K]

小小.jpg [96.31K]

小小1.jpg [89.66K]

小小2.jpg [93.97K]

小小3.jpg [85.99K]

小小4.jpg [85.56K]

小小5.jpg [79.21K]

幸福 [335.51K]

幸福1.jpg [53.78K]

幸福2.jpg [55.07K]

幸福3.jpg [63.21K]

幸福4.jpg [90.67K]

幸福5.jpg [72.79K]

amy.jpg [450.99K]

sunny.mp4 [15.24M]

豆豆.mp4 [11.63M]

瓶中鲸鱼.mp4 [2.19M]

手机qq视频_20170306090033.mp4 [16.09M]

小v.mp4 [12.64M]

妍静.jpg [145.04K]

摇铃铛.jpg [179.48K]

book2 little red hen群内汇总 [97.41M]

danny妈妈提供-i have who has空白游戏卡(9格四色) [7.01M]

i have who has空白游戏卡(9格粉红).jpg [1.82M]

i have who has空白游戏卡(9格黄色).jpg [1.92M]

i have who has空白游戏卡(9格蓝色).jpg [1.47M]

i have who has空白游戏卡(9格绿色).jpg [1.81M]

danny妈妈提供闪卡1.jpg [1.45M]

danny妈妈提供闪卡2.jpg [1.58M]

jim妈妈提供-i have...who has...模板小卉整理.docx [309.80K]

jim妈妈提供-little red hen song歌词小卉整理20170314.pdf [805.41K]

jim妈妈提供-this is the way i plant the seeds歌词小卉整理20170314.pdf [161.44K]

little red hen song歌词小卉整理20170314.pdf [805.41K]

shirley提供-the little red hen(适合打印小册子modified)-无白边.pdf [6.63M]

the+little+red+hen(适合打印小册子).pdf [6.63M]

this is the way i plant the seeds歌词小卉整理20170314.pdf [161.44K]

成品图片.jpg [111.78K]

成品图片2.jpg [82.39K]

格妈提供小册子打印-6.the little red hen合并.pdf [6.23M]

格妈提供-小册子打印-6.the little red hen合并.pdf [6.23M]

姗姗整理-book2-家长课笔记.docx [18.61M]

姗姗整理-book2-亲子课笔记(1).docx [20.39M]

姗姗整理-book2-亲子课笔记.docx [20.09M]

手绘图片.jpg [111.78K]

手绘图片2.jpg [82.39K]

book3 rosie's walk群内汇总 [69.42M]

资料 [49.74M]

bingo game- naming words & position words (龙虾妈整理).pdf [664.06K]

bingo games- naming words & position words (龙虾妈整.docx [477.62K]

book.doc [8.56M]

book-1.doc [8.56M]

hen棋盘.docx [2.00M]

jim妈妈的bingo 介绍.txt [2.74K]

rosie's walk 家长课笔记(龙虾妈整理).pdf [1.40M]

rosie's walk.doc [425.50K]

rosie's walk.pdf [10.43M]

rosie's walk双页版.pdf [16.89M]

第3课rosie‘s walk bingo小卉制作.pdf [181.38K]

第3课rosie‘s walk bingo小卉制作-2.pdf [181.38K]

购买链接.txt [1.17K]

介词.docx [12.77K]

作业 [19.68M]

aed60b1bf6110cda0abaf39769f7dc56.png [174.66K]

img_5395.jpg [168.21K]

img_5396.jpg [129.58K]

img_5397.jpg [158.59K]

img_5398.jpg [249.91K]

img_5399.jpg [58.62K]

img_5402.jpg [71.41K]

img_5403.jpg [282.13K]

img_5404.jpg [128.18K]

img_5405.jpg [80.36K]

img_5406.jpg [86.50K]

img_5407.jpg [104.25K]

img_5408.jpg [102.72K]

img_5409.jpg [111.50K]

img_5410.jpg [109.01K]

img_5411.jpg [74.78K]

img_5412.jpg [99.80K]

img_5413.jpg [140.45K]

img_5414.jpg [122.65K]

img_5415.jpg [122.79K]

img_5416.jpg [121.86K]

img_5417.jpg [119.17K]

img_5418.jpg [41.03K]

img_5419.jpg [148.93K]

img_5420.jpg [159.09K]

img_5421.jpg [169.92K]

img_5422.jpg [177.98K]

img_5423.jpg [144.92K]

img_5425.jpg [144.02K]

img_5426.jpg [91.24K]

img_5427.jpg [99.19K]

img_5428.jpg [87.65K]

img_5430.jpg [92.23K]

img_5431.jpg [65.96K]

img_5432.jpg [114.65K]

img_5433.jpg [68.65K]

img_5434.jpg [143.17K]

img_5435.jpg [166.88K]

img_5436.jpg [148.91K]

img_5437.jpg [174.66K]

img_5438.jpg [155.27K]

img_5439.jpg [171.19K]

img_5440.jpg [169.94K]

img_5441.jpg [66.08K]

img_5442.jpg [166.16K]

img_5443.jpg [50.28K]

img_5444.jpg [122.65K]

img_5445.jpg [22.02K]

img_5448.jpg [139.95K]

img_5449.jpg [167.06K]

img_5450.jpg [166.04K]

img_5451.jpg [128.60K]

img_5452.jpg [155.54K]

img_5453.jpg [136.94K]

img_5454.jpg [65.64K]

img_5455.jpg [78.05K]

img_5456.jpg [189.66K]

img_5457.jpg [58.21K]

img_5458.jpg [66.44K]

img_5459.jpg [202.70K]

img_5527.jpg [38.81K]

手机qq视频_20170402193237.mp4 [5.82M]

手机qq视频_20170402193240.mp4 [6.47M]

book4 the napping house 群内汇总 [174.92M]

book 1-3 作业汇总 [84.41M]

book 1 joseph had a little overcoat [182.72K]

01 读绘本 [10.41K]

菁菁 20170409(美拍链接).docx [10.41K]

02 复述故事 [10.44K]

jim 20170419(美拍链接).docx [10.44K]

03 思维导图 [161.86K]

jim 20170419.jpg [161.86K]

book 2 the little red hen [1.10M]

01 场景演绎 [1.10M]

昊妈 [1.01M]

王娟 20170408.jpg [95.45K]

book 3 rosie's walk [83.12M]

01 转盘书 [31.42M]

derek 20170403-1.jpg [2.45M]

derek 20170403-2.jpg [147.66K]

derek 20170403-3.jpg [123.66K]

lissa 20170404-1.jpg [107.16K]

lissa 20170404-2.jpg [105.21K]

summer 孙小美 20170409.jpg [170.44K]

昊妈 20170403.jpg [104.60K]

静 20170402.jpg [49.90K]

陶丽 20170403.jpg [87.89K]

陶丽 [1.00M]

王娟 [5.23M]

王娟 20170409-1.jpg [87.74K]

王娟 20170409-2.jpg [148.75K]

想想 [8.26M]

想想 20170405.jpg [114.98K]

想想 [11.54M]

想想 20170410-1.jpg [92.29K]

想想 20170410-2.jpg [82.38K]

小小 20170403.jpg [152.56K]

妍静 20170405.jpg [172.29K]

妍静 [1.24M]

02 silly sentences [411.63K]

sophie 20170403.jpg [132.07K]

想想 20170404.jpg [116.63K]

小小 20170403.jpg [152.56K]

悠游 20170406(喜马拉雅链接).docx [10.37K]

03 故事复述/场景演绎 [16.26M]

jordan [6.89M]

lissa 20170405(美拍链接).docx [10.40K]

豆豆 20170403(美拍链接).docx [10.39K]

昊妈 20170403(美拍链接).docx [10.44K]

菁菁 20170408(美拍链接).docx [10.34K]

龙虾 20170408(美拍链接).docx [10.39K]

姗姗 20170405.jpg [41.73K]

姗姗 [3.08M]

想想 [5.98M]

想想 20170404-1.jpg [115.45K]

想想 20170404-2.jpg [98.15K]

04 童谣演唱 [22.96M]

sophie 20170403.jpg [135.87K]

sophie 20170403.m4a [233.78K]

王娟 [1.52M]

想想 [9.22M]

想想 [11.86M]

05 游戏拓展 [9.79M]

jordan [4.00M]

想想 [5.79M]

06 学习小结 [2.29M]

danny 20170404(美篇链接).docx [10.41K]

jim 20170402(maka链接).docx [10.38K]

lissa 20170409.jpg [2.24M]

广州豆豆 20170405(美篇链接).docx [10.36K]

龙虾 20170409(美篇链接).docx [10.44K]

想想 20170405(美篇链接).docx [10.41K]

book 1-3 资料链接.docx [10.63K]

book 4 资源共享 [5.19M]

03 课堂笔记 [4.23M]

book4 the napping house 家长课笔记(龙虾妈整理).jpg [2.66M]

book4 the napping house 家长课笔记(龙虾妈整理).pdf [1.57M]

04 position words [14.09K]

静待花开分享 position words 图示.jpg [14.09K]

05 复述卡片 [954.01K]

复述问答卡片(龙虾妈整理).pdf [954.01K]

01 book 1-4 资料链接.docx [10.80K]

02 淘宝购买链接.docx [10.79K]

book 4 作业汇总 [85.31M]

00 学习小结 [5.54M]

jim 20170411-1.jpg [1.51M]

jim 20170411-2.png [273.91K]

莲花 20170418.png [3.75M]

龙虾 20170416(美篇链接).docx [10.38K]

想想 20170419(美篇链接).docx [10.38K]

01 盒子扭扭书/故事复述 [34.22M]

bonnie 20170407.jpg [150.09K]

bonnie [2.06M]

bonnie 20170409-1.jpg [86.14K]

bonnie 20170409-2.jpg [112.24K]

bonnie 20170409-3.jpg [54.99K]

danny [16.78M]

derek 20170416.jpg [162.54K]

elsa 20170408.jpg [103.09K]

jim 20170415.jpg [1.06M]

la vita è bella 20170411.jpg [383.79K]

sophie 20170405.jpg [67.59K]

昊妈 [2.67M]

昊妈 [1.31M]

昊妈 [1.46M]

黄莲 20170412(美拍链接).docx [10.35K]

黄莲 20170413(美拍链接).docx [10.37K]

菁菁 20170419(美拍链接).docx [10.39K]

静待花开 20170413-1.jpg [95.50K]

静待花开 20170413-2.jpg [109.93K]

莲花 20170405.jpg [88.08K]

龙虾 20170411.jpg [470.40K]

苹果丁 20170405-1.jpg [117.52K]

苹果丁 20170405-2.jpg [119.02K]

苹果丁 20170405-3.jpg [106.69K]

姗姗 20170405.jpg [91.27K]

王娟 [1.51M]

吴静 20170405.jpg [390.35K]

想想 20170411.jpg [152.27K]

想想 [1.55M]

想想 20170417(美拍链接).docx [10.39K]

小小 20170411-1.jpg [81.68K]

小小 20170411-2.jpg [114.59K]

幸福 20170416-1.jpg [127.74K]

幸福 20170416-2.jpg [51.36K]

妍静 [2.61M]

周周 20170419(美拍链接).docx [10.38K]

02 故事纸杯/故事复述 [18.30M]

derek 20170412.jpg [213.55K]

derek [11.76M]

jim 20170412.jpg [96.76K]

jim 20170414(美拍链接).docx [10.38K]

sophie 20170412(美拍链接).docx [10.38K]

广州豆豆 20170419(美拍链接).docx [10.39K]

静待花开 20170413.jpg [105.32K]

龙虾 20170413-1.jpg [1.56M]

龙虾 20170413-2.jpg [1.95M]

龙虾 20170413-3.jpg [2.13M]

陶丽 20170412.jpg [81.73K]

想想 20170416.jpg [130.02K]

小小 20170412-1.jpg [152.11K]

小小 20170412-2.jpg [111.15K]

03 其他/故事复述 [12.57M]

danny [9.08M]

王娟 [3.49M]

04 唱绘本 [20.85K]

jim 20170413(美拍链接).docx [10.38K]

想想 20170417(美拍链接).docx [10.47K]

05 自编故事 [12.50M]

jim 20170411(美拍链接).docx [10.38K]

jim 20170411.jpg [137.88K]

苹果丁 20170417(美拍链接).docx [10.36K]

悠游 [12.35M]

06 游戏拓展 [2.16M]

derek [1.72M]

jim 20160413-2.jpg [124.72K]

jim 20170413-1.png [323.55K]

book5 gorilla 群内汇总 [83.61M]

第1-4周作业收集 [36.61M]

book 4 the napping house视频作业 [36.60M]

sunny 20170425 复述绘本(道具:故事纸杯).mov [18.05M]

妍静 20170424 唱绘本(道具:盒子扭扭书).mov [18.55M]

1-4周的作业-各网址.docx [11.27K]

第5周资源收集 [2.12M]

gorilla歌词小卉整理20170426.pdf [232.17K]

lulu老师绘本表达课 book 5 gorilla 家长课笔记(龙虾妈整理).pdf [1.89M]

安东尼布朗阿甲史航穿越绘本奇境视频.docx [10.98K]

第5周作业收集 [44.88M]

book5 gorilla 图片作业 [16.42M]

2017-04-25 222157.jpg [1.67M]

2017-04-27 073946.jpg [964.47K]

2017-04-28 225002.jpg [78.09K]

2017-04-28 230127.jpg [115.36K]

2017-04-29 113554.png [13.42M]

2017-05-01 200719.jpg [155.97K]

2017-05-01 200723.jpg [54.99K]

第5周视频作业收集 [28.44M]

book 5 gorilla [28.44M]

judy 20170428 游戏卡问答.mov [10.87M]

昊妈 20170425 手工书.mov [1.53M]

昊妈 20170426 游戏卡问答.mov [16.04M]

第5周音频作业-各网址.docx [11.07K]

book6 king bidgood's in the bathtub群内汇总 [2.66M]

1495596276702.mp4 [620.42K]

mmexport1495591063775.jpg [119.59K]

mmexport1495591071356.jpg [169.22K]

mmexport1495591179547.jpg [146.42K]

mmexport1495591179712.jpg [66.26K]

mmexport1495591179787.jpg [124.15K]

mmexport1495591179880.jpg [124.30K]

mmexport1495591179969.jpg [119.59K]

mmexport1495591180058.jpg [169.22K]

mmexport1495591180068.jpg [133.21K]

mmexport1495591180124.jpg [126.85K]

mmexport1495591180228.jpg [90.24K]

mmexport1495591180306.jpg [165.78K]

mmexport1495591180381.jpg [86.05K]

mmexport1495591180469.jpg [104.33K]

mmexport1495591180563.jpg [130.24K]

mmexport1495595871644.jpg [126.28K]

mmexport1495595949475.jpg [90.24K]

视频链接.doc [12.50K]

book7 there was an old lady who swallowed a fly群内汇总 [1.68M]

2017-06-03 101635.jpg [112.84K]

2017-06-03 101639.jpg [150.87K]

2017-06-03 101719.jpg [99.32K]

2017-06-03 102800.jpg [137.27K]

shoo-fly-005.jpg [76.80K]

shoo-fly-006.jpg [89.99K]

there-was-an-old-lady1.pdf [194.23K]

there-was-an-old-lady2.pdf [218.60K]

this old man by wiki.pdf [19.37K]

第七课作业收集.doc [12.50K]

绘画日记读书笔记模板.pdf [609.84K]

book8 click clack moo cows that type群内汇总 [21.26M]

book8 click clack moo.doc [518.00K]

book8 derek (1).mp4 [8.74M]

book8 derek (2).mp4 [11.54M]

图片_20170615211452.jpg [125.04K]

图片_20170615211520(1).jpg [78.94K]

图片_20170615211648.jpg [79.67K]

图片_20170615211707.jpg [65.33K]

图片_20170615211713.jpg [141.27K]

01.开班课.mp4 [102.61M]

02.【家长先行】用绘本来学习英文句子主干(上).mp4 [339.57M]

03.【亲子共学】用绘本来学习英文句子主干(上).mp4 [160.38M]

04.【家长先行】用绘本来学习英文句子主干(下).mp4 [252.29M]

05.【亲子共学】用绘本来学习英文句子主干(下).mp4 [118.17M]

06.【家长先行】用绘本表达英文的地点方位(上).mp4 [154.58M]

07.【亲子共学】用绘本表达英文的地点方位(上).mp4 [137.26M]

08.【家长先行】用绘本表达英文的地点方位(下).mp4 [187.04M]

09.【亲子共学】用绘本表达英文的地点方位(下).mp4 [102.69M]

10.【家长先行】用绘本表达英文的时间(上).mp4 [170.21M]

11.【亲子共读】用绘本表达英文的时间(上).mp4 [151.76M]

12.【家长先行】用绘本表达英文的时间(下).mp4 [195.50M]

13.【亲子共读】用绘本表达英文的时间(下).mp4 [102.99M]

14.【家长先行】用绘本学习表达英文的因果关系(上).mp4 [136.83M]

15.【亲子共学】用绘本学习表达英文的因果关系(上).mp4 [109.35M]

16.【家长先行】用绘本学习表达英文的因果关系(下).mp4 [140.33M]

17.【亲子共学】用绘本学习表达英文的因果关系(下).mp4 [163.53M]

18.【家长先行】用绘本学习表达英文的形容(上).mp4 [156.24M]

19.【亲子共学】用绘本学习表达英文的形容(上).mp4 [184.36M]

20.【家长先行】用绘本学习表达英文的形容(下).mp4 [216.65M]

21.【亲子共学】用绘本学习表达英文的形容(下).mp4 [66.29M]

22.【家长先行】用绘本学习表达英文综合应用篇(上).mp4 [165.34M]

23.【亲子共学】用绘本学习表达英文综合应用篇(上).mp4 [147.86M]

24.【家长先行】用绘本学习表达英文综合应用篇(下).mp4 [191.84M]

25.【亲子共学】用绘本学习表达英文综合应用篇(下).mp4 [107.55M]